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SpookyTime Jingles is an online juried marketplace representing some of thee very best holiday artisans from the US and Canada.

It is nothing more than my vision of how I want it to be.  Therefore no one should ever feel badly for not being accepted as a member.  All it means is that at that moment your work did not fit into my vision. 

It was created simply out of my love for holiday folk art, specifically, Halloween and Christmas.  After following many of my favorite artists throughout dozens of online communities, it hit me how wonderful it would be to have all of these gifted artisans under one roof!!

Now, to know me in part, is to understand that I am an art addict with a strong connection to folk and outsider arts.  I have been for over 10 years and don’t see it ever changing.  Folk and Outsider art is so natural and unforced.  It is that organic feel that comes straight from the artist’s heart and mind that draws me in.  It is pure and raw and often untainted by formal schooling.  I LOVE IT!

Starting STJ’s, was never and will never be about money-Period Thee End.
It has always been about the art. I need to be immersed in it to live happily and this allows me that outlet.  I have a vision for STJ’s and how I want it to be and I am determined to get there.

Every single one of these artists deserves to be recognized for their outstanding abilities and contributions to the art world. It is my desire to introduce each and everyone of you to these amazing artisans!

But where the money does come in, is for the artists.

Many of these artists work 10-16+ hours on a single piece and earn under $100, even under $50 after their enormous fees are paid from online auction sites, material fees and packaging fees.  That is why STJ’s fees will remain low so that to be a member of SpookyTime Jingles never has to be a burden on the artist.  

My goal for SpookyTime Jingles is for it to be recognized as the PREMIER online marketplace for all things Halloween and Christmas art related. 


Consider supporting us by buying HANDMADE, one of a kind items’ from our unique artisans.  You WILL be glad you did.







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