Surprise Guest Artists

SpookyTime Jingles is proud to host a different surprise guest artist each month.
We enjoy finding and showcasing up-and-coming artists
as well as bringing you the established artists you have known and loved for years.

Below are the guest artists we have featured in the past.




January 2011 -Wendy Leaumont of My Brain Child

Feb 2011-Jamie Moore of Creepy Creations

March 2011-Janell Berryman of Pumpkinseeds Originals Folk Art

April 2011-Dusti The Halloweenstress

May 2011-Christine Benjamin

June 2011- Ginny Betourne of Trout Creek Tales

July 2011-Debbee Thibault

August 2011- MykoBocek Studios

Sept. 2011-Christine Alvarado of Du Buh Du Designs

Oct. 2011-Nicol Sayre

Nov. 2011-Amber Middleton of Amber Leilani




January 2010 - Leah Humbertson of Leah's Art Magic

February 2010 - Kim Hardt Originals

March 2010 - Dylan & Jo of Cart Before The Horse

April 2010 - Kerry Schmidt of Paper Moon

May 2010 -Vania Cruz of Fantasy Whispers

June 2010 - Julie Haymaker Thompson

July 2010 -William Bezek

August 2010 -Tom of Haunted Construction Co.

September 2010 -Benita of Willow Springs

October 2010 -Dee Foust

November 2010 - Rafael Hr of My Tiny Studio

December 2010 - Len Bentham of Happy Holidays




January 2009 - Elaine Thomas of Alphabet Studio

February 2009 - Danita of Danita Art

March 2009 -Carolee Clark of King of Mice Studio

April 2009 - Kim Owens of Folk Art from the Heart

May 2009 - Janet McCarter from Bells & Bones

June 2009 - LuLu of My Pink Turtle

July 2009- Johanna Parker

August 2009- Debra of Nanny Norton Prims

September 2009 - Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions

October 2009 - Scott Smith of Rucus Studio

November 2009 - Nancy Malay of Vintage Whimsy & Folk Arts

December 2009 - Carole Watts of Treasures of Time





September 2008 - Jenn of Noodle and Lou

October 2008 - Chris of Designs by CK

November 2008 - Colleen Moody

December 2008 - Melissa Valeriote, Holiday Queen



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