The Design of someone’s Ambitions is not always understood or even welcomed. But to the person whose designs are set on Ambitious...it can be magical!

I have been creating art in various forms for over 10 years. I have always been drawn to Folk & Outsider works, even before I knew what that meant.  I am absolutely compelled to create something daily and often get visions while sleeping of what to create next.
I look at every single thing and think of how could I change it or how would I use it.  My mind is seldom quiet.  Halloween is my passion and I explore that passion further each day. I enjoy the theatrics and drama of Halloween and that is all about people letting loose and having fun! No formality just some spooky good fun to scare away those nasty ghosties ;)

Movies very much play a role in my creativity. I am a horror movie buff but I blame Beetlejuice for giving me the Sweet & Spooky virus and the genius character stylings of Henry Selick (TNBC, Monkeybone & Coraline )and Tim Burton for leaving me permanently afflicted.

I enjoy acrylic, mixed media paintings but find sculpting in Paperclay (volcanic ash, talc, wood pulp) to be the best. I enjoy using repurposed treasures in my work as I need lots of textures to be happy. I find assemblage art to be brilliant and provocative and hope to tackle that genre some day soon.

My hubster, Michael of 17+ years and our two teen boys, Gavin & Austin support me and my never ending search for all things art. We live in rural NJ with our 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 3 ducks which round out our crazy house.

I would not have it any other way.

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee and now a resident of North Louisiana, I worked in the graphic design industry for 16 years after studying Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I worked for various multimedia, marketing, and internet-based companies and continue to do some freelance graphic design.

I began experimenting with mixed media in 2008, and later became interested in paper clay sculpture. Halloween is my favorite time of year, and creating holiday-themed art is the most fun I have had in my career.

I am a huge fan of horror film and literature, and enjoy traveling and volunteer work with a local pet shelter. I became friends with STJ founder Dani Nelson in 2008, and became her SpookyTime Jingles partner in business in early 2011. I am so excited about the future of STJ and the holiday folk art industry! I consider myself blessed by a great God to be doing what I love every day.

- Wendy

Visit my blog at: www.wendysbrainchild.blogspot.com



Hello... my name is Lance, and I'm the creator of Crescent Hill Designs. I've always enjoyed using my hands, and I've always possessed a need for creativity; after creating my first sculpture, I was hooked. I guess I am to be considered a "self-taught" artist, other than a couple of high school art classes that played a vital role as to where I am today. They taught me the ins and outs of several mediums but it wasn't until after my 2004 high school graduation that I found my true passion of sculpture. I draw inspiration from children's stories, nursery rhymes, childhood nostalgia and anything that may create a smile. I like to think that my work can ease one's growing pains by taking them back to their childhood, if only for a moment.


Much of my childhood was spent growing up in New Zealand, Celebrating Christmas in the summer, buying lollis at the corner dairy market, and dreaming of actually dressing up for Halloween (no Halloween in NZ). My father was an artist, my mother an English teacher – which means I spent a lot of time reading as well as pouring over the illustrations in my books. 

The long, winding path of life has led me to Arizona where I attended college, met my Husband and started an event decorating business.

 Creating themes and decor for large-scale events allowed me to exercise my creativity in a way I never dreamed possible. This crazy, fast-paced lifestyle however, came to a halt soon after the birth of my son.

 Now I work from home, creating seasonal folk-art pieces inspired by the holidays of yore. I started by selling my work in a folk-art store in Scottsdale and have only recently entered the “online” marketplace. I often incorporate an element of candy into my work (sort of an obsession of mine).  For me, the seasons are marked by holidays and special celebrations - my work is heavily influenced by the vintage softness of childhood holiday decorations. I am honored to be a part of  SpookyTime Jingles … who wouldn’t enjoy a site devoted to two of the biggest CANDY holidays!

To learn more about me, or to chat - visit my blog


Greetings from the great state of Texas! I'm Bone*Head*Studios aka Flora, an artist, wife, mom and a grandmother.

Creating has always been an important constant in my life, whether is was sewing for my 3 girls and sometimes my son, drawing or sketching, even a little landscaping and creating my own vegetable garden, it's always amazing to see how the lord provides.

However my one true passion has always been art, I don't think there was ever a time that I wasn't without a pencil and paper, although life got in the way, with family and such, so creating just took other forms.

Well life started to settle down, and I began to feel an old familiar "tug" that something was missing and about 2 yrs.ago I discovered the internet, I soon discovered doll groups, doll blogs and doll makers, oh my, things haven't been the same since!

I do everything from "scratch" or rather as I like to say "from concept to creation", but only by the lord's good graces am I able to do this, that and the fact that both my parents were very talented individuals. I am self taught, but I was given much valuable information from very generous individuals in the doll world.

Having said that, I need to also add that I use no patterns other than my own rather primitive ones nor do I use molds, I'd rather struggle on my own all day till I figure it out....I'm kinda stubborn that way...but I still do ask lots of questions!

My only regret is that I did not discover dollmaking sooner in life...so I'm making up for lost time.


It all began when I started drying apple heads to make my first art doll at the age of 10.  Since then, it's been a never-ending quest to find the perfect style and medium. As an artist, I'm constantly growing and expanding my abilities - always pushing myself to try something new. My "style" seems to have a life of its own – it’s kind of exciting to think where it will take me next.

I lives on 2 acres in rural southern California. My goats, chickens and a goose named Betty are a constant source of inspiration. I find inspiration in all things vintage (they just seemed to do "it" right way back when!). I love Halloween and Christmas and have always been inspired by those wonderful Rankin-Bass - stop action Holiday specials (Rudolph, Mad Monster Party...). I always imagine what my characters would be like if they could walk and talk.

Currently, my artwork is mixed media. Often, my creations start as soft sculpture, but then I add clay features that give them personality and bring them to life.

In addition to the wonderful Spooky Times Jingle community, I sell at Arts/Crafts shows in Southern California. I can also be found at www.chickenlips.biz.

I have never known life without a pencil or paintbrush in my hand, and from my earliest memories, I’ve loved to create. As a child I spent almost every Saturday with a wonderful art teacher, who never taught her students how to draw, but gave us every imaginable medium with which to explore and experiment. Her enthusiasm for the journey of creating has had a lasting impact in my development as an artist.

I studied graphic design at the University of Georgia, and a few years ago, discovered a passion for papier mache. Many of my stylized, whimsical pieces have a down-home, vintage look, while some reflect my roots in graphic design. Ideas come from many sources: things I see, memories and experiences from childhood, old toys and books, antique postcards, and even my kids, who offer ideas and suggestions.

Currently I live on a farm in northeast Georgia, not too far from Athens, where we are restoring a 200 year old log house. I’m a stay-at-home mother of 4 kids who, incidentally, are getting to the ages where they don’t do much staying at home.


The Polka Dot Pixie, a.k.a Jenny Hernandez is the mom of two awesome kids, wife of a great man, and owner of a strange, but lovable Border Collie/Aussie mix.  Jenny and her family live in an old Victorian house nestled in the lovely, pine blanketed mountains of Northern Arizona, just a wee bit south of the Grand Canyon. Jenny has been creating "little guys" out of clay since 1998, and working almost exclusively in the folk art medium since 2004.


A product of a unique southern up bringing, I am a high energy
and free spirited soul, driven to experience life to the hilt and do
things my own way. I am fueled by my creative desires, and cannot wait to get to work every day. I come from a family of working artists, designers, and creative people, so I am very fortunate to have had my creative side welcomed and nurtured growing up!

I find inspiration everywhere, my mind is constantly grabbing at its visual surroundings. I am a painter and a sculptor, and most recently have been in love with paper mache and all the neat things I can do with it. I love Halloween, and a favorite childhood memory is of my father, also an artist, carving stately, imposing, and ominous jack -o- lanterns with a butcher knife!  They were stunning, sometimes just two slanted evil eyes staring into the unseen darkness. I have always loved fire, the night, and anything scary or magical, so lantern making just seems a natural art form for me.

At home in the beautiful piedmont of North Carolina, I am surrounded by my tribe of friends and family, my husband, our three wonderful children, and a menagerie of pets!  All the fun and chaos of family life just further feeds my creative drive. I have also been in the business through the last ten years or so of creating art pieces for the interior design market, but I love sculpting with my hands, dremmeling, sanding, and painting my folk art. Its my own thing, done for the sheer fun of it, and my children are always jumping in to help or make art of their own which brings me great joy!  I love being able to create as soon as the idea hits me, and then being able to share that creation around the world with this amazing technology, which has also allowed me to meet and be a part of this talented group of artists.

Thanks for taking the time to see my work and learn a little more about me!

Hooray!  Thanks for visiting noodle and lou studio!
noodleandlou is named from the nicknames I had for my sons when they were born...
mr. noodle...jake and little lou...henry!

I'm Jenn and these are my original little works of art. you'll find original paintings on canvas, wood and more. noodle and lou is also home of the lulettes"! My lulettes collection consists
of all sorts of little polymer clay dolls, busts and houses.  

My art is meant to make you smile and bring some FUN into your home. Each creation is rich in texture, color and heart!  I work very hard to ensure that you are thrilled with your noodle and lou purchase. All purchases are wrapped in fun paper, ribbon and tags.  I want you to feel like it's your birthday when you open up one of my packages:) 

Thank you for helping me to live my dream and thanks for taking a peek...come back soon!


I have been a professional artist working in the commercial field for over 30 years. It has just been recently that I have begun to pursue the kind of work I love and offer it to the public. The response has been wonderful and I have never been happier.

I paint, carve, and sculpt. My very favorite though is sculpting in paper clay. I enjoy creating whimsical pieces that make people smile and laugh. I especially love Halloween. and Christmas. I  always strive to bring something unusual or different to each  piece and they are always one of a kind originals.

I often employ the use of gourds, glass glitter, crystals, ribbons,crepe paper and wooden items in my work. Moons, witches, bats and of course Santa are often themes. I make my home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Montana with my husband, the love of my life, and one stubborn Scottish terrier, Alfred.

Hi! My name is Josie Ditzler. I remember as a small child being happiest with a piece of paper and a pencil in my hand.  The adults in my life must have been thrilled that I could be so easily entertained.  At least until that period when I pretended to be a dog and bit at ankles.  Apparently my imagination was thriving.

Fast forward to the present time and you'll find my imagination is still alive and kicking -- I have been seriously creating art (self-taught) off & on for about 30 years, always trying something new but forever coming back to sculpture. My favorite medium is paperclay or papier maché over dried gourds.  The appeal that gourds have to me is in the endless possibilities their shapes suggest and I find they are an incredibly sturdy armature for my creations. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday, where else can you find such a multitude of motley characters?  I grew up reading a steady diet of Creepy and Eerie magazines and I tend to favor the darker side of Halloween so you'll find most of my characters sport a fiendish smile.  I rarely do "cute" but can, upon occasion, do silly & sweet. I do love the look of folk art and whimsy & try to incorporate them in my work when it suits.  

I hope that you will find my art to your liking and thank you for taking a peek at "who I am"!

Skeleton In My Closet

At the end of every summer, I can hardly wait until the fall approaches. I anxiously await to drive into the country and see the pumpkin stands opening for the approach of Halloween. There is something about those rows of odd shaped pumpkins that stirs a creativity inside me. I envision old fashioned Halloween Soirees with cats & jaxs and fanciful crows. And that is how it began, an imagination filled with Halloween characters awaiting creation.

I started as many self taught artists do, creating everything from anything I could find. I did the craft show junket but grew tired of the mass production of my product. I fortunately had the chance to retire from my job as a computer programmer/designer for our family owned steel company and pursue my creative dreams full time. I enjoy working with both clay and fabric, especially wool. All of my characters always look slightly “uncomfortable” and wear a great hat that is always ready for a party. I have recently had the privilege of being published in several magazines and am especially proud of my Art Doll Quarterly piece as well as an art quilt piece coming this December 2009 in Sew Somerset.

I live in a wonderful area with a great yard with 100 year old trees on the Red River in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I share my life with my ever patient and encouraging husband and my three muses. Pompei my Siamese, Tibby the grey cat and Sygi, my Doberman Boy. All is great… but I just wish for once it wouldn’t snow here on Halloween!!!

My name is Jorge de Rojas, I am the artist and owner of Hohohalloween Studios. Combining traditional papier-mâché techniques and using recycled and reclaimed materials including vintage finds. I create unique, original handmade holiday art. I try to briefly take you back in time to the joy of seeing classic holidays through the eyes of a child again and hopefully touching you with a smile.

Elaine Thomas since she was a young girl, art in many forms has been a part of her life.  She draws inspiration from childhood nostalgia, nursery rhymes, and children's stories.

Elaine creates Eclectic Mixed Media Folk Art.  She works mainly in paper clay or paper mache but uses several mediums to achieve her creative vision.  She loves to make pieces that bring a smile to someone face and joy into their heart.  

Elaine has been a licensed designer since 2003.  These licensed designs can be found in many retail and specialty shops around the country.  She is currently licensed with DEMDACO.  Additionally several of her designs have also been featured in home decorating and craft publications.

I began my career as a trained Graphic Designer, but my love of papier-mâché has blossomed into a full time career for me.

I have been selling my one-of-a-kind (OOAK) creations internationally through various sites since 2005 and focus much of my work on Vintage Style Halloween themed candy containers, figures and ornaments.

Bonjour!!! I am LuLu Kellogg. I live on the East Coast with my husband and our seven dogs. Our house is truly like Dr. Doolittle’s with never a dull moment I design jewelry, faux confections, enjoy working in mixed media and love doing graphics. I have a great love for anything related to Halloween and I have a HUGE affinity for skeletons and crowns. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday as long as I can remember. Creating in different mediums and styles, with anything dark and Halloweenie being my favorite, gives me so much joy. I love horror movies and also I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan. Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice are my favorite movies of all times. You will catch me playing one of these at least a couple of times a week in my studio while I am creating. Inspiration at its best! Currently you can find my work at Thurston Art Gallery on the coast of North Carolina and several specialty shops. Haunt On! Love, LuLu~*xoxo

I’ve always loved fairy tales and nursery rhymes. I still look through my old volume of Grimm’s Fairy Tales to remember the stories of good and evil. Those books, which my grandmother and aunt lovingly chose for me, have inspired my own fantasies
and characters. William Holbrook Beard’s paintings and Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows also serve as inspiration as I create my band of beasts.

These artists and storytellers first influenced me to become an illustrator. I spent many years illustrating wonderful children’s books, but eventually I wanted my work to exist off the page, on its own. I feel that my free standing creatures and beasts tell stories in their own ways.

Being part of SpookyTime Jingles has allowed me to explore the darker side of those Grimm's Fairy tales & I can't wait to get into my studio every morning & begin work on all my new spooky & sweet ideas!

I'm like most artists, I've been creating something for as long as I can remember. I have explored many types of media and love experimenting with new things. Mixed media seems to be where my heart belongs. I can combine my love of painting, sculpting, and adding found object all into one. The Steampunk Soul series evolved after I took a job with a corporation that was as evil as it could be. I had nicknamed the vice president the Soul Sucker and on my long drives to and from work I would imagine an army of battered souls that could rise up and rebel against the evil soul sucker and his corporation..and so my Soul Sucker story and series was born.

I love working with paper clay or paper mache the best, I like how it feels when sculpting it and also I like how the paint takes to it. I can be found scouring parking lots for discarded bits of treasure or flea markets and garage sales. Hubby has caught me scouring his toolbox on more than one occasion! I live in the Midwest with my high school sweetheart husband, 2 wonderful sons, a large beautiful mutt named Jack, a Pomeranian princess Lexi and an ornery cat named Ty.

I love to read, and recently have become addicted to the HBO series Game of Thrones! I'm so thankful to all the collectors out there who relate to my artwork, without you all I would still be working for the soul sucker! Plus there is nothing like the feeling when someone connects to my work! I treasure you all, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Visit me on my blog at http://michelelynchart.blogspot.com

Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm the felted face behind Run Red Run, the secret lair from which I have been building my portfolio of needle felted sculptures. While many of my pieces have grown out of a purely personal need to create, I also do commissioned work and have even made it to the pages of Art Doll Quarterly.

I'm excited to be a part of SpookyTime Jingles and am thrilled to share my spooky, creepy, and cute felted creations with you.



Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of the times my parents and grandparents would take me to the circus and to puppet shows. I have always been fascinated by things that never were - monsters, myths, my own fairy tales. I live in my own dreamland.

When I discovered paper clay, all of those memories combined with my love of the odd and slightly freakish became the basis for my art dolls.

I want each of my pieces to look old, worn, and broken. I see them as discarded or lost toys...once loved, long ago, and rediscoverd to be loved and cherished again. I sculpt mainly the torso area...leaving off the limbs to put the focus on the face. Each piece has its own distinct personality which comes through while i am working on it. Really...the dolls do tell me who they are!

Each of my dolls is one of a kind, hand sculpted, painted in layers and layers of acrylic paint, given a crackle finish, antiqued (sometimes multiple times), sealed with a matte varnish, and often given little embellishments. The process can take days just to complete one doll. 

I live in the beautiful, decaying city of New Orleans with my mister, our two feline minions, and a costume closet that is getting out of control! I have a dark sense of humor, can't get enough glitter on me, really miss The X Files, and spend waaaaay too much time talking to my cats!

Hi! We are Jenny & Aaron, the duo behind Everyday is a Holiday! We reside on the NJ Shore, where we have been designing and painting furniture and home accessories for over 16 years!

Our designs have graced the pages of some of our favorite magazines such as Country Living, Country Home, Woman's Day decorating ideas, Design New Jersey, Romantic Homes, Somerset Studio, Somerset Life, Where Women Cook, and The New York Times Magazine. As well as published in Country Living's Merry And Bright, Tara Frey's Blogging For Bliss and Chery's And Griffith Day's, Back in the Day Bakery cookbook.

We have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing designers and decorators in the Tri-state area and beyond, and have earned a long list of celebrity clients. Our apartment is filled to the brim with all things vintage bakery and Holiday. Jenny is a vintage paper mache rabbits nut, and Aaron is a total book addict! We have two chihuahuas and dream of adopting many more.  We Love what we do and hope you do too!

Celebrate Everyday!!


I'm a self-taught artist who loves to draw and create.

Glitter? I can't get enough of it.

I love things girlie and sparkley and I loved shabby chic before I knew there was a name for it!

My entire life I have created art in one form or another. I've been very blessed to be able to work at doing what I love to do. Among other things, for several years I was the lead artist and dept manager for a high-end children's wear line in Scottsdale, Arizona. I have also owned and operated a lovely shabby chic type boutique in the historic seaport village of Port Townsend, Washington. I continue to do that with my new shop, The Shabby Red Door in Portola, California and online at www.theshabbyreddoor.com
I have to say though, that I am happiest drawing and creating one-of-a-kind art pieces that are joyful and bring a smile to your face. I know that there are people in the art world that don't consider things that are cute and happy to be serious work but, I feel that today, especially, it is seriously important!

Many things inspire me, though I love vintage illustrations the best. And cartoons from the 20's, 30's and 40's are my absolute favorites. I am especially crazy for vintage Disney such as early renditions of Mickey Mouse in black and white (before he was Mickey) and the Silly Symphony color cartoons. These have been my inspirations from as far back as I can remember. I hope my interpretations bring a smile to the face and a little joy to the heart and that they are enjoyed as much as I enjoy drawing and creating them.